we offer vacation in the Carpathians

Wi-fi internet

free and safe Wi-Fi

Free parking

good asphalt road
from main street

All for barbecue

We have all for good BBQ
outdoor gazebo, open fireplace
closed pergola with a fireplace

Homelike cuisine

tasty dishes from
fresh products


we would like to offer you  
convenient rooms and cottage

room type sleeping
 WC TV area,
DBL 2 + + 18
TRPL 2+1 + + 22
Quad Room 2+2 + + 35
for 7 persons 2+2+2+1 + + 65
cottage for 10 persons 2+2+2+4 + + 110


- breakfast, lunch and supper in the room with a fireplace

- warm floors on the first floor (good for children)

- every room has individual heating mode

- hot water - individual boilers


Dishes cooked of natural products.

Good price for complex lunches.

Delicious meals of your choice.

Live beer from private brewery.

villa is located in Mykulychyn village - clean ecological place
close to Prut river, highland waterfalls, ski and health resorts